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The Why V.3 EMF

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Let's explore how the Resonate Holotypehealth line can make your biology happy.

“In a world of confusion, communication is key!” (I am not sure if that is a quote, I just came up with or remembered it thinking about this piece.) To the point, however, in life and other situations, communication is of absolute importance! In business, poor communication can lead to the loss of an important deal or loss of revenue. In biology, poor communication can lead to various imbalances, sickness, and worse.

EMFs have shown time and time again to play havoc with our nervous system. The nervous system is essentially our switchboard that controls many functions of the body, such as muscular contractions, both voluntary and involuntary. To summarize, the brain sends a signal down the spine, (via the nervous system tissue) to the muscle, the muscle then performs that action it has been ordered to do. Simple and easy…. Till EMFs are present in the environment!

EMFs (aside from other things) disrupt the communication of the nervous system, not allowing for proper signals to reach the desired tissue and deliver the desired result. An example of what EMFs do to our system is what happens to our radio when we take a long road trip. When you start your journey, the signal from your chosen radio station is both strong and clear. You know what you are listening to and can clearly understand the lyrics being sung. After driving for an extended period that signal will begin to fade, and “static” will come into the sound, making the song unrecognizable and probably causing a very unsettling sound! Most likely, you will try a different station, or if you get frustrated enough, you may even turn off the radio altogether. That is what EMFs do to our nervous system, they build up static in the line, making it harder to perform the tasks we are asking of ourselves!

Yet again, HTH has you covered! The synergistic blend of infusions found in all our shirts has a protective benefit against EMFs. Our infusions work together, to boost the signals of your nervous system so that it is much harder to disrupt them! Allowing you to perform better even in the face of these unhealthy fields. Now, I must mention, HTH clothing does not block EMF. There are some clothing lines out there that perform this function, but not us. We boost what you have inside you, while they stop what is coming. So, in short, they block, we boost. Till the next time.

Be well my friends!


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