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The Why V.1 strength

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Let's explore how the Activate Holotypehealth line can make your biology happy.

So, if you have come this far, and muddled through my semi-coherent writings, you have an idea of what HolotypeHealth clothing is and how it works. However, understanding how something works, may or may not be compelling enough to purchase, or more importantly use and experience the product journey. So, in this blog post, we will dive into why you should use our clothing, and why it will help you be your best self.

  1. Strength- A wise man once said, “Strength is not built, it is granted by the nervous system.” That wise man is Dr. Perry Nichelston, an amazing chiropractor, diagnostician, author, teacher, and many other things. What Dr. Perry is attempting to express here, is we all have capabilities that extend beyond our everyday acts of strength. Think of the stories you have heard of, mothers lifting cars to free their trapped child or other seemingly unfathomable feats of strength performed by everyday people when pushed to abnormal circumstances. These incredible acts illustrate the amount of untapped strength we have within us. HolotypeHealth clothing can help you tap into those reserves. (Note! I am not saying our clothing will make you able to lift a car!!!)

In early 2019, The Holotypehealth team conducted some research using ARX equipment ( We had 32 participants perform a 10-second isometric (basically they pushed against a platform that didn’t move.) [CC1] leg press on the ARX after their normal workout. We selected this specific exercise for many reasons, primarily because it was one the participants practiced often and knew well. When performing the leg press, the participants' results were recorded. The individual would then put on a HolotypeHealth prototype t-shirt and repeat the exercise. What did we find? On average, we saw an increase of 9.7% in strength production, and 12.7% increase in work output. All tests were performed in under 5 minutes, and most of the participants said they felt better wearing the shirt than without it. In short, HolotypeHealth clothing allows you to be stronger, longer.

At this point, you may find yourself scratching your head and asking, ‘how could a t-shirt do this to me?’ This is easy and complex to explain. The shirt is not “doing” anything to you, it is allowing you to operate at the level you were designed to. This is just one reason why you should consider using HolotypeHealth clothing in your pursuit of physical excellence, as well as your everyday life. HolotypeHealth, helping you be more of the you that you're supposed to be! Till the next time.

Be well my friends


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