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I don’t get it.

How does a logo make me perform better?

It’s not the logo itself, it’s the infusions in the ink that go into the logo that makes the difference. Here’s how it works. We all have natural vibrations going on in our bodies. We can give those vibrations a boost by bringing another object into the mix. So, the HolotypeHealth-infused logo helps transfer energy back and forth for bigger and better vibrations. The body begins to resonate and fall in rhythm with the vibrations, resulting in clearer signals, better harmony, and re-alignment of the body and mind.  Look at it as a tune-up to your nervous system that helps your body and mind fall into a healthier rhythm.

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  • How can I tell it is working?
    The effects differ from peron to person, but we suggest that you test it for yourself during your favorite indoor or outdoor activities.
  • Is your product related to metal or holographic products on the market?
    No, our product is unique and shares no similarities in the science involved with these other products on the market.
  • Do I have to wear certain shirts for certain activities?
    You do not! Although we have assigned color and design to highlight certain infusions, all 8 are present in every shirt, therefore you will get all the benefits from any shirt.
  • Can I wear it with a pacemaker?
    Through our testing we have shown no negative side effects that would effect a pacemaker, as there are no electric or magnetic fields involved. However, we do encourage you to consult your docter if there is any concern.
  • What is the shipping policy
    Holotypehealth offers a flat rate for shipping through standard shippers. $11 for orders under $85. Over $85 shipping is free within the USA · Outside the United States will be avialable soon
  • When will I receive my order
    Since all clothing is made to order it takes 3-4 days to manufacturer and 3-4 days to ship to you. Delivery times may vary and we provide tracking numbers upon shipping. · Please note due to COVID19 and other events shipping times may vary. · Orders begin upon order verification and payment
  • Return Policy
    We strive for providing quality products, delivery and customer service. If for some reason your item came damaged or you received an incorrect item please let us know within 30-days with the form below. Include your order number, item name, color, size of the item, as well as a description of the product issue. We will reply with instructions on sending back the tagged and unworn item for a replacement or refund. Thank you. ITEM CAN BE DENIED FOR RETURN IF: - Deodorant marks - Excessive wrinkling - Detached tags - Animal/human hair - Lingering odor, such as smoke or cologne - Any visible wear or damage - Washed item - Correct sizes delivered may not be returned
  • Do the effects wear off over time?
    Yes, the effects will wear off over time when not wearing the apparel.
  • Is this a new technology?
    Yes and know, the technology has been around since the 1980's, we are just now putting it into clothing.
  • So, when I’m in a healthier rhythm, what happens?"
    Plain and simple, it puts you on a path to living a better life. Whether it’s improved strength and performance or enhanced balance and mobility, HoloTypeHealth helps your body restore, recover, and recalibrate.
  • Can you give me some specifics?
    HoloTypeHealth apparel can Enhance energy levels for everyday activities Promote better sleep cycles Help optimize muscle connectivity Improve balance and coordination Block harmful magnetic fields · Help you stay in a focused mindset
  • But, does it really work?"
    Absolutely. Our team conducted lots of research to support the validity of our technology. But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our studies and findings for yourself, right here. (need a The Research page for the studies)
  • Can I wear HoloTypeHealth apparel when I work out?
    Please do! You’ll reap the benefits of our infused clothing whether you’re working out or just hanging out.
  • How long does the energy in the clothing last? Do I need batteries?
    No batteries needed! The technology behind the HTH infusions allows for the continuous release of energy. It doesn’t need to be recharged and will not lose its capabilities.

The contents of the HoloTypeHealth website such as text, graphics, images, information and other material are for information purposes only. HoloTypeHealth is not engaged in rendering medical service or advice and the information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care. Any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of HoloTypeHealth devices is hereby disclaimed.

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