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Our core purpose is to positively impact those around us and promote better wellness.  

Recognizing that wellness is defined in many ways, the HolotypeHealth infusions were designed with a holistic approach to enhancing movement, performance, strength, and spirituality.  To make our long story short, here’s a quick look at how the journey began.

It all started over 30 years ago when Dr. Mark Metus and Dr. Egor Nazaro developed the Quantum Alignment Technique. Their QAT devices were originally infused metal clips that helped restore normal use of joints, muscles, and ligaments. This was all done by optimizing the biomechanical function of the body through vibrational energy patterns.  Along came Mike Hoban, a professional athletic trainer who started thinking about how to infuse these vibrations into apparel for both athletic and everyday use. While exploring the possibility of manufacturing shirts with a QAT infused ink he raised the interest of Andrew Birnbaum, a long-time printer. Through lots of testing and hands-on research, they were able to generate functioning specialized printing formulas.  When Jason Bemis, a professor in color and design, heard about HolotypeHealth he, too, hopped aboard. Eager to be a part of a truly revolutionary product, he began crafting an optimal brand strategy for the new clothing line.  Along the way, countless friends have joined the journey, adding invaluable insights and knowledge that have all contributed to the development and success of HolotypeHealth. Without their inspiration and support, our path would surely have been a whole lot rockier. So welcome, and thank you for joining us on this adventure. We hope you enjoy your HolotypeHealth apparel and we look forward to hearing about your journeys.

To learn more about science and studies, click here.

How does a shirt do this?

It’s science and way simpler than you might think.


We all have natural vibrations going on in our bodies that occur at specific frequencies. Over time, our vibrations and frequencies (energy) become depleted. 

Our technology gives those 
vibrations a little tune-up & boost. Our Brainiacs created a special blend of frequencies that are known to improve human wellness and performance. Then, we formulated a process to infuse the blend of frequencies into the inks for printing on clothing.

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