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The Why V.2 Movement

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Let's explore how the Activate Holotypehealth line can make your biology happy.

In our last installment, we discussed how HolotypeHealth clothing acts as a key to unlock your nervous system, allowing for better strength production. But is this enough? For most, the answer would be a resounding Yes! However, we at HolotypeHealth do not like the idea of being a one-trick pony, and we don’t feel you should have to settle for that. So, in the interest of proving why we belong in your wardrobe, let us take a look at how HTH impacts not only strength but movement and speed.

“The only way to hurt this body is to not move it” (Jack Lalanne). He was a person who knew more about staying healthy and holding back the hands of time. Jack Lalanne, knew the importance of movement and the many benefits it can provide. Following this mantra, we decided we wanted to see how much HTH clothing can impact this. So, we conducted research, testing HTH clothing on 12 professional-level pitchers during their bullpens.

To record the results, we were lucky enough to have DARI markerless motion capture company on the job. For those of you not familiar with DARI, they are the only FDA approved markerless motion capture company in the USA and have arguably the most accurate technology in the field.

Each pitcher performed 20 pitches, 10 prior to putting on a HolotypeHealth t-shirt and 10 after. To maintain consistency, they would then repeat those same pitches wearing the HTH t-shirt. DARI recorded all 20 pitches on their advanced system. What did the results reveal? Well, we saw many improvements, but most notably:

  • A 28.58% increase in trunk separation

  • A 17.2% increase in trunk rotation velocity

  • A 14.61% increase in pelvic rotation velocity

Essentially, the pitchers increased their range of motion and speed throughout their movements. Changes like this can lead to many positives including increased velocity and performance as well as reductions in strain and injury. Once again this illustrates why HolotypeHealth clothing can and should be a staple in your wardrobe when seeking to better yourself! Till the next time.

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