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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Let's explore how the Stimulate Holotypehealth line can make your biology happy.

NC1/ Stimulate:

The next infusion we are going to discuss is rather near and dear to me. Neuro Connect 1 or NC1 as we call it was the first of Dr. Mark Metus’s infusions that I saw and experienced for myself. (Dr. Mark is our chief infusion officer, and the creator of the Neuro Reset technology we use in our clothing.) I was lucky enough to meet with him and get muscle tested in-person to see the effectiveness of this infusion firsthand. After I got a chance to wear it during a workout and set some personal bests in much less than optimal conditions, I knew I wanted to be part of the journey. Without further ado, let us take a look at NC1/Stimulate.

Function: The proprioceptor receives information from within the body and tells the muscle how to respond. Normally this information has to do with the position of the body in space and time, as well as The length and tension of a muscle. When the receptors are not working properly, your risk of falls increases dramatically. An example of how proprioceptor’s work is when someone closes their eyes and touches their nose with their finger. They do not have the visual stimulus to let them know where their finger and nose are in space and time. They use the receptors to figure that out. Why you want them activated. When you are moving and performing at your best, it is a sign your proprioceptors are on fire and doing their job. Better balance, better strength, and better reaction time! Athletes and health enthusiasts alike desire these traits. when you call on your muscles to act NC1 will make sure the appropriate areas will be ready to perform.

Color: We have associated the color orange with this frequency. This is done because the color orange stimulates us and NC1 is designed to stimulate your nervous system. Use the orange color to remind you to do something stimulating on a daily basis. Whether it be having a great conversation with a wonderful friend, or getting out and going for a run. Do something to stimulate your biology today. Till the next time Be well, my friends. Mike

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