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CLOTHING TECHNOLOGY that is shown to measurably improve




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Here is a little background, check out the blogs, FAQ's and other pages to learn more.


The apparel industry is facing great changes technology trends offer interesting opportunities, if you know how to use them to improve your business, as well as improving the health of those who wear those garments, innovations in science, combined with production automation and product technology innovation as the potential to make manufacturing more precise, as well as more sustainable, integrating tech into clothes has created all sorts of new smart textiles, researchers have developed clothing that contains sensors to measure heart rate, breathing rate, and all sorts of bioindicators.


At Holotypehealth, we have added a new special wellness and performance technology to the clothing, which introduces a harmonious frequency to the human body that enhanced the body's performance while wearing our research has shown that this clothing can increase body strength production by 9.7% and work capacity by 12.7%. We have also done trials with professional pitchers, they showed an 18 to 20% increase in strength, speed, and mobility holotype health are combined in Fusion based materials, technology, and science to change the future of human clothing and design apparel to maximize the body's potential, join us on our innovative journey, and change the clothing industry. 

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