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The Balance-Tee

Balance Tees for Central Nervous System Harmony, Improved Mobility and Confidence – A Breakthrough for Seniors, Parkinson’s and Rehab Care. See the science page for details.


Super comfortable & high durable


These shirts contain all the frequencies to help the human body and mind.  The technology is infused into the front logo of all our current shirt lines.




  • Supports a healthier circadian rhythm, giving you better sleep

  • Improves muscle awareness

  • Helps you stay in a focused state of mind.

  • Supports the reduction of pain and aches

  • Improves reaction time of the body and mind


Its real science but simpler than you may think.  Learn more by browsing through the website

The Balance-Tee

PriceFrom $39.00
  • This new shirt technology has shown to enhance your performance, wellness, and your sleep.  It works by keeping your nervous system in tune allowing better body and mind functions.  It makes sense as our nervous system is what sends information to the rest of our body & mind and if the information from our brain gets to where it needs to go faster our results will be better.


    This technology is in perfect timing, especially with all the health and wellness concerns today. If you would like to learn more please visit our website or get on our emailing list.  Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

  • The clothing is quality made and durable for prolonged use and wash.

    • Quality Sewn & Long Lasting
    • Lightweight & Breaths Well
    • Retail fit & Made of cotton/poly

    Learn more by visiting the FAQ page.

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