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Activate your nervous system - Holotypehealth

Activate Unisex Shirt:

Our Activate shirt puts focus on our Glutathione frequency to encourage you to work harder and test the limits of your body and mind. Activate can be used to inspire you to push harder when working out or running, or any other time you need to push yourself. We like to use Activate when we need extra stamina and endurance for a challenging hike.


  • Quality Sewn & Long Lasting
  • Lightweight & Breaths Well
  • Retail fit & Made of cotton/poly


PriceFrom $42.30
  • Our HolotypeHealth blend of resonance frequencies is found in the front logo of every shirt. We use a blend of 8 frequencies, and pair each one with a color and symbol unique to each frequency to focus on that individual function. The result is an attractive piece of apparel that can re-balance your nervous system to enhance the performance of the body and mind.

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