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Justin T. Testimonial

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Let's explore how the Heal Holotypehealth line can make your biology happy.

Those were the words that Justin T. said after throwing some pitches in the HolotypeHealth T-shirt. Justin was the first participant in our study we did that used DARI markerless motion capture technology (The only markerless motion capture system that is FDA recognized). Justin is a professional pitcher that was recovering from Tommy John's surgery at the time of the study. Being an open-minded individual, he was happy to participate in the research project after hearing of HTH’s possible performance-enhancing effects.

So how did his whole bullpen go? Well, Justin is a very impressive athlete, his average velocity was 90-91 mph, but his slider was having some trouble finding the zone. After putting the shirt on, Justin’s first pitch registered at 93 MPH, and his slider hit the catcher glove every time without adjustment. “It was weird, I wasn’t adding any extra effort and all my velocities increased.” That is what is possible when you operate with all your resources available to you. You can tap into better outcomes with less effort! Since the bullpen, Justin has gone on to hit 98 MPH multiple times. I am not saying our technology did all the work for him, but let’s just say he was really happy when I told him he could keep the shirt! Till the next time.

Be well my friends!


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