The printed logo on the front of the shirt is placed over the solar plexus and contains the perfect blend of frequencies that support the re-balancing of your nervous system

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The HTH concept is based on science, but is way simpler than you might think.

  • Supports a healthier circadian rhythm, giving you better sleep

  • Improves muscle awareness

  • Helps you stay in a focused state of mind.

  • Supports the reduction of pain and aches

  • Improves reaction time of the body and mind


Diggin the Science

The HTH concept is based on science, but is way simpler than you might think. We all have natural vibrations going on in our bodies that occur at natural frequencies. But, we can give those vibrations a litter boost by bringing another object into the mix. In our case, that object is the HTH logo. Our Brainiac's, who know how to do this kind of stuff, reproduce these frequencies and infuse them into our logo.

So, now we’ve got these two frequencies working together, transferring energy back and forth, generating even bigger and better vibrations. This energy boosts the nervous creating constant healthy vibration. The body begins to resonate or fall in rhythm, with the vibration, resulting in clearer signals, better harmony, and life changing body and soul enrichment.

And that’s all there is to it,

You just wear it, Feel it, Live it.

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Time to Make Your Biology Happy


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